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  • About Lankeda

    More than 10 years experiences with 2D and 3D printer parts developing and solution providing.

    Lankeda Founder Sim Wang

    Lankeda was founded in Shenzhen in 2006 by Sim Wang. As an electronics engineer, Sim Wang has more than 20 years of experience in developing novel and unique electronic products. Like all technicians, Sim has very high standards and requirements for his technical team members and the products that Lankeda produces and supplies. This is also an important reason why Lankeda can establish long-term cooperation with many well-known 3D printing brands in Europe and America.

    Sales Director Peggy Wang

    Peggy joined Lankeda in 2007, with a double degree in English and International Economics and Trade. Peggy was born in a poor and remote mountain village. Her life in the past has made her cherish the job and cherish the cooperation opportunities with every customer. She works very actively and has many clients who have worked together for more than a decade.


    Today, as the mother of two children, Peggy is still working very hard, treating all customers and partners sincerely, as she has always done. Under the leadership of Peggy, the sales team of Lankeda has provided quality services to many customers and won praises from many customers. We believe that there will be more and more customers enjoy the cooperation with Lankeda and Lankeda sales team.

    Passion on 3D Printing

    Sim and Peggy were attracted to the 3D printing concept in 2011. Years of experience in the field of 2D inkjet printers make them very optimistic about 3D printing. They believe that in the future, like 2D printers, 3D printers will be more and more familiar and needed by more and more people. Sim and his R&D team developed the first DIY 3D printer in 2012. Since then, Lankeda has started producing and selling 3D printers, accessories and filament.


    3D printing as an emerging industry, its prospects are very good, but the development of the 3D industry is still relatively slow, this is an undeniable fact.

    In the past many years, we have grown up with many customers, and we have witnessed each other's growth and achievements. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed many customers and peers entering the 3D industry and eventually giving up their 3D printing projects. Success belongs to those who insist on continuous efforts and innovation.


    We know that entrepreneurship is not easy, so we work hard to serve our customers, from the customer's point of view to help customers save costs, control product quality, and provide customers with different options from a professional perspective. We always pay attention to the latest developments in the 3D printing industry, so that we and our customers can seize the opportunity and continue to develop with the development of the industry.


    Hope our deep love and passion for the 3D printing industry will help your business grow and develop.

  • What We Offer

    Solutions for 3D printers developers and manufacturers & 3D printer spare parts for resellers.

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    VIP Service for

    3D Printer Developers

    Professional technician team and sales team supporting you from 3D printer parts choosing, customizing, sourcing to firmware uploading, electronic test, after sales supporting, prompt shipping... we work as your colleagues and partners.

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    Large Component Catalog

    at Competitive Price

    More than 1,000 types of 3D printer spare parts, from mainboards, heatbeds, hotends to power supplies, motors, guide rails, 3D printing surface, nozzle cleaning drills.... We launch new product every week. We have all you need for a 3D printer.

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    Custom Parts &

    Engineering Services

    To make a unique 3D printer, you will need a lot of unique components. To be a unique reseller, you'd like to sell good quality items with your own brands. We understand, and support you without hesitate, because we are a unique supplier.

  • FAQs

    We are happy to answer any of your questions.

    1. Are you factory or trading company?

    We are factory that located in Honglianying Technology Park of Shenzhen City. We have our own R&D department, production department, quality control department, packing&shipping department, and sales department here. We also do trading and sourcing to meet needs of different customers and to maximize the advantages of different factories. Lankeda welcome your visit. :)

    2. Do you produce all items yourself?

    We design and produce some of the main key 3D printer parts like PEI flexible build plates, nozzles, heatbreaks, gears, silicon rubber heaters, heatbeds, hotends, mainboards,stepper drivers, 3d printer tool kits etc. We complete the processing and testing of all core products in our own factories. We believe no company can produce all of the various components be used on a 3D printer. Combining the advantages of different factories and combining different supply chains is to save money for customers.

    3. Do you have any guarantee on the product quality?

    We offer 100% quality assurance for all products we sell. We accept refunds or replace new products (or parts) for free with any product quality issues.

    4. What is the MOQ for customized items?

    It depends on what product you need. Generally starts from 1pcs to 50pcs or 100pcs. We offer different options depending on the quantity and the corresponding price, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    5. What is the MOQ for common parts?

    Starts from 5pcs or 10pcs.

    6. Can i get sample before ordering?

    Yes, sure. We have free sample policy for some items. We welcome your sample order.

    For customized items, we are happy to provide samples for your testing before mass production.

    7. Do you offer discount for mass production?

    Yes, we do. We have different prices for different quantities.

    We sell at the best price you can get for a quality product and quality assurance service.

    8. How can i pay?

    We accept payment by PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer, and Alibaba trade assurance.

    9. How many days does it take to prepare my order?

    For most of the order it take only 1 to 3 working days. Some items may take about 4 to 6 working days. Customized items or special sourcing items may take a little longer. We will confirm the exact days after see your order list, and we will try our best to speed up production for urgent order.

    10. How do you ship the goods?

    For most of the spare parts order we ship by door to door express like DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS. We can also send goods by train, by air, and by sea.

    We will provide you with a price comparison for different shipping methods. We will recommend the most suitable shipping method based on the quantity and the urgency of the order.

    11. Except the items on your 3D printer parts catalogue, what else do you sell?

    Over 50 types of 3D printer filament, 3D pen filament, Desktop filament extruder, Pellets&Masterbatch for filament making, 3D scanner,Turnable plate for 3D scanner, 3D pen, Creality 3D Printers etc. We will not put the customized items and small demand items into our product catalogue, but you can check with us whenever you are looking for any items.

    12. Can you deliver the goods to my China agent?

    Yes, we can help to deliver to any address in China.

    13. Can you deliver the goods to my customers directly?

    Yes, we can help to deliver to your customer's address directly.

    14. Can i ask my other supplier deliver the samples to your factory to ship together with my order?

    Yes, no problem.

    15. If i give you a product photo or link, can you help me to purchase in China?

    Yes, no problem.

    16. I am designing a prototype,i need only small quantity of customized pcb boards, can you do?

    Yes, no problem. We accept small sample orders, and we have professional team can help to make various types of pcb boards.

    17. I checked your sample, it is good, but i want better products for my brands, can you provide?

    Yes, we can provide better options. We work with Hiwin, Meanwell, Igus, BL touch etc. various global brands and local brands in China.

    We can make a kit of the best components in the global markets.

    18. I checked your sample, the quality is very good, but i want cheaper type, can you provide?

    Yes, cheaper options available when both of us accept the new sample quality.

    19. I am seller on Amazon, can you help to put my label on each product and ship to FBA warehouse?

    Yes, no problem. We did this for many customers in the past years.

    20. I am interested in selling your products, but i am new in 3D printing field, can you help me?

    Yes, we will be glad to help you. After knowing your market, your sales channels, and your experiences (advantages and disadvantages), we will recommend some products that you can try to sell based on our years of experience in 3D industry, and provide technical support. We will do our best to help you get to know the industry faster and speed up sales.

    21. I don't want my competitors know i buy from you, can you keep the secret?

    Yes, sure. Lankeda keeps all customer information strictly confidential, and we believe this is very important for a long term cooperation.

    22. Is there any chance to have a face to face talk with you?

    Yes, sure. 1. We welcome your visit to our factory to have a face to face talk. 2. We have plans to visit VIP customers every year. 3. We attend exhibitions like TCT show or Formnext in Germany almost every year. We can meet there. 4. We can have video chat or video conference via skype or wechat at any working time.

    23. I have some other questions want to ask, can you help me?

    Yes, sure. Please submit your info below, our sales team will contact you within 1 working days.

    You can also call Peggy at 86-18617064106 or email to sales@lankeda.com. Lankeda official WeChat: LANKEDA3D.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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